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NCBO Ontology Availability

The add-in currently downloads the following NCBO ontologies:

Amphibian gross anatomy

Biological imaging methods

Biological process

BRENDA tissue / enzyme source

C. elegans development

C. elegans phenotype

Cell type

Cellular component

Cereal plant trait

Dictyostelium discoideum anatomy

Drosophila development

Drosophila gross anatomy

Environment Ontology

Event (INOH pathway ontology)

Fungal gross anatomy

Human developmental anatomy, abstract version

Human developmental anatomy, timed version

Human disease

Infectious disease

Mammalian phenotype

Mass spectrometry

Molecular function

Mosquito gross anatomy

Mouse adult gross anatomy

Mouse pathology

Pathogen transmission

Pathway ontology

Physico-chemical methods and properties

Physico-chemical process

Plant environmental conditions

Plant growth and developmental stage

Plant structure

Protein-protein interaction

Spider Ontology

Teleost anatomy and development

Tick gross anatomy

Xenopus anatomy and development

Zebrafish anatomy and development

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